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'Splash of Sedona' Kitchen Remodel: Unveiling the Design Pt. I

Many of you on Instagram have asked to see the in-depth process of our remodel and custom build designs. We've listened and we're excited to share with you the #splashofsedonakitchenremodel! This project is located in Arizona and is home to a young family. We can't wait to turn over the keys (so to speak) so that they can enjoy their newly remodeled, fully functional kitchen. Trust us when we tell you that this final transformation will be worth the wait. We are completely demoing the floors, cabinets, countertops, and pantry. We'll be installing new windows and incorporating all new, luxury finishes that will stand the test of time (and toddlers!) We're mostly working within the existing footprint, however, we will be relocating the enclosed pantry to include a small walk-in, moving the island a few feet towards the range, and widening the existing case opening to the kitchen to create a more intentional flow and incorporate subtle architectural details. The best part? I'll be taking you along the design process with frequent updates.


At Sand + Stone, its our passion to create timeless, livable interiors. Our elevated process begins with getting to know our clients and truly understanding how they live within their space. Homes are so personal. They should be the prefect reflection of the families that inhabit them. Next, we turn to the project's surrounding nature to draw inspiration. We study colors, textures, and plants nearby to emulate their beauty in the design. For this particular project, I was inspired by my usual landmarks in Sedona, but my client's request to incorporate florals and plants led me on a captivating journey of drawing inspiration from a new source of nature - flowers and saguaros.

I turned to hikes and pinterest to find florals that reflected the emotion and palette we wanted to incorporate in this remodel. I was inspired by the wild beauty and muted tones. When studying arrangements, I found myself drawn to botanicals where no two flowers were alike, echoing the untamed elegance I aim to bring into this design. Nature has definitely set the tone for all selections in this kitchen.


There are hundreds of selections, decisions, and approvals that make up the final design of a single room remodel. (Thousands for whole homes!) The most important thing is to make sure that all of the decisions work together cohesively to create balance in the end. To set direction, a moodboard is created for each area of the project. We then make sure all of the moodboards relate to each other and are constantly referring back to these images to guide all selections for the duration of the project.

This remodel is going to carry our signature. organic aesthetic and showcase natural materials and finishes that will age beautifully with time and use. When we are finished, this client project will be more than a new kitchen. It will be a place for them to cook, live, and create memories with family and friends.


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