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Inspired by Sedona, Sand + Stone Interior Design incorporates the beauty of nature indoors by mixing modern lines with raw elements. We strive to create designs that pay close attention to the small details to create seamlessly beautiful spaces. 


Our mission is to create thoughtful, beautiful interiors that meet our clients' aesthetic, functional, and economic goals while honoring and celebrating the nature that surrounds them. Our perspective is informed by a respect for raw elements with an appreciation of the playfulness and brightness of modern design.


How We Got Our Name

Sand + Stone works on projects of all sizes and styles. The one thing that remains constant throughout every design are the neutrals and organic textures implemented in each space. The name Sand + Stone creates a clear visual that reflects the elements we love to design with most. Sand is fine and soft to the touch with a distinct, soft neutral color. Rocks are uneven and rough, and when found in Sedona, a beautiful earthy red. The juxtaposition of these two components compliment each other in a way that we love. We believe these characteristics create exceptional design.

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