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Harmonizing with Nature.

Turning Passion Into Projects

Hi, I’m Halie! Interior designer, furniture wrangler, and moving parts coordinator

After many years of trying to find a job that reflected my love for interior design, I decided to take matters into my own hands and start my own business. Sand + Stone is a full service interior design studio that offers residential and commercial interior design throughout the Northern Arizona region and beyond. We serve clients in person or virtually, with services ranging from interior design, interior architecture, to furniture, fabric, and accessory selections.


I specialize in creating spaces that are reflective of the dreams, desires, and lifestyles of the people who inhabit them. Every project begins with carefully listening to my clients so we can create a clear vision of their needs and wants. The process is to translate their expressions into reality through a project tailored just for them, on time and on budget. 


Although I am influenced by the beauty of surrounding nature in all of my projects, I crave a design challenge and opportunities to show off my evolving style. No matter what aesthetic my clients ask me to create, I strive to make each space feels cozy, thoughtful, timeless, and unique. I work with architects and contractors to bring design visions to life. Light filled rooms, colorful textiles, natural elements, earthy textures, and brushed metals, are some of the elements that define my designs.

Let’s Work Together

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Making Dreams Reality

Meet Ashley! L.A. Project Consultant and Designer.

Interior design has always captivated Ashley. From a young age she was drawn to color, texture, and art. A few years ago, she discovered she could turn her passion fueled hobby into a professional career.


Ashley has extensive background of customer service. Her personable background translates into the way she tends to her clients and develops their projects. Ashley says "[Her] clients happiness is always first and foremost." 


Ashley's creativity has no boundaries, which allows her to bend the rules of design to create endless beautiful spaces. Her passion is to create perfectly unique spaces - and she does so with a smile!

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